Mark Price
Mark is our senior editor here at Minuteman Press and is charged with the daunting task of sourcing news from across the States to keep our readers up-to-date on the latest happenings from within the business world and the print industry. Mark’s cheery nature has been attributed to caffeine in the past, as he rarely goes more than an hour without a fresh cup of coffee.

James Turrell
James is something of a typography master and can even recognise fonts on sight – a skill on which he is often tested but rarely bested. James is a technical perfectionist and can be regularly seen advising people on preparing their files for print.

Sarah Boone
Sarah has a passion for all things print. She has four years under her belt working as an art-worker on a snowboarding and winter sports magazine, and now writes for Minuteman Press after swapping the winter scene for the sunnier climes of CA.