Forcepoint emerges in Austin

February 17, 2016 by  

Raytheon|Websense, based in Austin, announced that its company name has been changed to Forcepoint, after having recently acquired Stonesoft, a next-generation firewall business, to build upon its existing Raytheon Cyber Products offerings.

With its new name and direction, Forcepoint will be able to provide solutions to the constantly evolving challenges in cyber security and regulatory requirement that government agencies and businesses face on an ongoing basis.

According to a press release, Forcepoint provides transformative technologies, including the Internet of Things, a cloud-based platform, and mobility, that will safeguard networks, data, and users. The result is the elimination of the inefficiencies associated with managing several security products within an organization.

According to the CEO of Forcepoint, John McCormack, the company will enable organizations to protect their data, networks, and users in the cloud, with the added benefit of mobility. The cloud-centric platform also detects suspicious activity sooner, defends against attacks, and provides the tools for organizations to determine what actions need to be taken to defeat the attack and stop data theft.

Dan Wilson, Executive Vice President of Partner Solutions for Optiv, a market-leading provider of end-to-end cyber security solutions, added that this holistic solution is much more advantageous to companies than a simple point one.

This may be a good time for Forcepoint to create new brochures outlining the company’s software offerings, and the benefits they can provide for clients.