Improve the business client relationship

July 8, 2012 by  

The Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce is presenting the seminar “Create client relationships based on trust” on August 9 from 7:45 am – 10:00 am. Tickets are $15 for chamber members and $45 for non-members.

The seminar will be led by Brad McDonald of Sandler Training. He will teach those in attendance how to create better relationships with their clients through trust. Basically, people are likely be more willing to do business with someone who they trust to be an ethical business person who always does the right thing. In turn, they will be less likely to quibble about things such as prices. There are so many variables in business success and it can be hard to tell what will succeed and what will fail. However, trust is one thing you must have in order to build a business that will be successful, will attract new clients, and be long-lasting.

There will also be the opportunity to do some networking during this event. Those who plan to attend from the area, including Virginia Beach, would be wise to arrange for a new business card printing in advance. They want to know that they will have enough cards to distribute to everyone who wants one. They might also want to practice their elevator speech, which is a 30 second blurb about their business and what it can offer to others.

Trust is one thing that cannot be bought, it must be earned. It is important that businesses and clients trust one another and do not feel that anyone is taking advantage of situations such as a bad economy.