Help support child abuse prevention in Virginia Beach

April 15, 2012 by  

Celebrating Children will take place at Mount Trashmore Park on May 5 from 9 am-1 pm. This is a free event presented by the Families for a Lifetime program of Pendleton Child Services Center.

Celebrating Children will feature a 1.5K family walk/run, lots of family-friendly games and activities, live entertainment and trophies. All children who compete in the walk/run will receive a medal and there will be trophies for First Child, First Family, Fastest Participant and First Military Family. The winning school in the School Challenge will also receive a trophy. There will also be displays and interactive exhibits from community groups who support families and children. Those Virginia Beach community groups will most likely be arranging with local printing companies to provide them with signage, banner printing services and brochures or flyers explaining what their group is about and what they do for the community.

Pendleton Child Services Center helps children from ages 5 through 12. They offer a day treatment program, residential treatment, parent education, therapeutic supervised visitations and outpatient services. Celebrating Children is partly held in April because it is Child Abuse Prevention Month. Sadly, child abuse is a fact of life and organizations such as the Pendleton Child Services Center and the Families for a Lifetime program are working hard to repair the damage that such abuse causes to children and their families. Families for a Lifetime provide “information and resources to support and strengthen the parent-child relationship.” Education is one way we can make sure that child abuse will one day be eliminated.