Expo will educate seniors about their health options

November 17, 2013 by  

The Medicare Health Fair Expo is taking place in Virginia Beach this November and will help seniors to learn about all their options. It is a presentation of the Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia’s Center for Aging and is aimed at those aged 64 and up.

The expo is expected to consist of keynote speeches, breakout sessions and exhibitors. One of the keynote speakers attending will be Dr. Matthew Heinz of the Department of Health and Human Services. Topics of discussion will address the ever increasing senior population of the United States, and will include “The Future of Health Care in America” and “Affordable Care Act and the Future of Health Care in America.” Breakout sessions will cover many topics that are of interest to seniors including “Successful Aging: Retirement Housing Options, In-Home Care” and “Estate Planning.”

Exhibitors will be displaying a variety of health care products and providing information on programs and services aimed specifically at seniors. Exhibitors were able to rent booths for $300 or $150 if they represented a non-profit organization.

Attendees will also be served breakfast and lunch and can win prizes in raffles.

It’s probable that exhibitors will be handing out printed materials to passers by. Many organizations in the Virginia Beach area turn to local printing companies when they require such products.

The Medicare Health Fair Expo is taking place at the Virginia Beach Convention Center on November 16 from 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM. Tickets are $15 each. For more information contact Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia at 757-461-9481.