Teach the kids about printmaking

February 28, 2012 by  

A children’s printmaking workshop will be held at the Patrick Henry Library on March 20 from 4-5pm. This free workshop is for children aged seven to twelve and is presented by the Library and by the Vienna Arts Society.

Children will learn several printmaking techniques such as monoprinting, relief printing and vegetable printing. They will also get to “print a fish.” The techniques they will learn, especially monoprinting and relief printing are widely used. Monoprinting is when an item such as a wood block is painted and then stamped on paper. Relief printing is similar but ink is applied to a “matrix” usually made of wood and the paper is rubbed over the top of it. Most children have also done vegetable printing before; usually a design is cut into a hard vegetable such as a potato and is then covered with paint and stamped on paper.

Printmaking is not often taught to kids, other than the simplest techniques such as the vegetable printing mentioned above. Who knows? Many Vienna youngsters might be convinced to thing of printmaking as a career path to take. Local printing companies will be thrilled to know that a whole new generation of artists or printmakers will be knocking on their doors in the future.

A lot of school districts are cutting back on arts programs and classes due to monetary considerations. Thankfully, places like the library and the Vienna Arts Society are there to pick up the slack and continue to expose children to the arts.