Roanoke’s airport gets a new name

December 25, 2013 by  

Roanoke Regional Airport has been renamed. The Roanoke Regional Airport Commission voted to add the word “Blacksburg” to the title, making the whole handle a jaw-cracking “Roanoke Blacksburg Regional Airport at Woodrum Field”.

The change is already official, but it will not be obvious until next year, when the new name will start appearing on signs, business cards, letterhead, and in advertising.

The airport has been operating officially as ‘Roanoke Regional Airport at Woodrum Field’ for 30 years. The board voted to add ‘Blacksburg’ because of that city’s economic growth, and the Virginia Tech expansion. Commissioner Bill Gust said the board members realized the airport provided the first impression many visitors have of the region, but it is inclusive of more than just Roanoke itself. The board wanted to include the other communities having a significant positive impact on the area, and that includes Blacksburg and the New River Valley.

Since the airport is going to have to change everything in print, it will probably need to work with one or more printing companies to have its new stock manufactured. It will need letterheads, business cards, and signage, to name a few. Printed forms for in-house use may also have to be printed, and this too can be a task of professional printing companies. When airports rebrand, officials will want to choose wisely, since printed material is often the first introduction people have to an organization, and it must be cleanly done. Professional print companies are up to these tasks.