Roanoke Valley school breaking ground for new addition

June 16, 2013 by  

Community School, which has been educating children near Roanoke, Virginia for over four decades, is getting a much-needed upgrade. School officials broke ground on June 10 for a new addition, estimated to cost approximately $275,000.

School leaders said they understand how important it is to make students aware of energy efficiency and conservation principles. Holding these beliefs, they wanted the new building to be extremely eco-friendly, and opted to have it built using a material that can be recycled and does not use timber. The use of sustainable materials makes this an unusual building.

The addition will house a multi-purpose room, a music lab, and what’s known as a STEM lab; the acronym stands for ‘science, technology, engineering and math’. The project has been approximately 10 years coming to fruition, and finding funds for the construction has been particularly difficult. However, a supporter stepped forward with a $50,000 donation that made it possible to start construction.

Community School is a private institution for students from kindergarten through eighth grade, and is focused more on making education challenging and fun than it is on teaching to a standardized test. Dave Lloyd, chairman of the board, thinks the new building will aid Community in its work, since it exemplifies the principles the school incorporates in its mission, which is to teach the arts, humanities, and the sciences in a supportive environment. The addition should be finished in time for the new term.

School officials could work with a flyer printing service to create a mailer for parents describing the new addition and the classes planned for it.