Roanoke gets fresh hauntings this Halloween

October 24, 2013 by  

Roanoke, Virginia, may not be offering such haunted houses as Jaycee’s “Fear Factory” or Dr. Pain’s this year, but a new fear experience should more than make up for it.

The new ghoul in town is the Outbreak Haunted House. Creators of the attraction, which has a medical theme, are guarding the details of it very closely, and say it is unlike any haunted experience anyone has ever had.

Trevor Wolfe compares it to something that can be found at a major theme park, calling it “really high end”. Wolfe, who has worked in the entertainment industry for years, partnered with Regina Sink in this effort. The duo put together a show they have been thinking about separately for years. Now, $56,000 later, Outbreak is ready to go.

The experience starts with a “doctor” telling visitors to a fictional company called BioGen Labs that they need to get a vaccination. Then, a “nurse” says BioGen is proud to share its vaccine with the groups of four who enter the lab, kickstarting fear that soon turns to terror as people make their way through the intense scenario of escalating medical crises Wolfe and Sink have constructed.

The attraction opened October 17, and runs every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday through Halloween. It is located in the Towers Mall, opens at 7:00 pm, and costs $12 to attend.

Wolfe and Sink could work with a flyer printing service provider to create handouts to give to mall visitors encouraging them to visit Outbreak.