Roanoke County’s new fire station warning system goes live

September 20, 2013 by  

Locution Systems, Inc., has this month installed an alerting system in fire stations throughout Roanoke County, Virginia, including locations in the city itself.

Locution Systems is the creator of the PrimeAlertâ„¢ Fire Station Alerting (FSA) System, which is used by EMS and fire departments. That system is now live in 13 fire stations throughout the county.

The system provides IP-based fire station alerting, which includes automatic 911 dispatching, and turning on a station’s strobe lights and the red lights that help firefighters night vision, among other procedures. In addition, the system routes alerts to one of three specific areas within the station: fire, rescue, and the battalion chief. The system automatically generates a specific tone for the particular alert, then announces the information using a computer with a clear, unaccented voice.

Roanoke County has chosen to implement this system to help them improve operations in three specific ways: first, it will enable them to respond more quickly; second, it reduces stress on 911 dispatchers and finally, it reduces stress on first responders themselves.

The county stations decided to implement the system after seeing how successful it has been in the City of Roanoke. Locution Systems alerting method is used successfully throughout the United States and Canada in communities of all sizes.

Fire officials could work with brochure printers to create a mailer explaining the system, which would be sent to residents who depend on Roanoke’s fire department. The brochure may help reassure them that the improvements to the system will make them more secure.