Roanoke celebrates Snowpocolypse

February 26, 2014 by  

Roanoke, Virginia, along with many other cities and towns in the East and Midwest, has been hit with storm after storm this winter, but residents have turned the city’s downtown into a party-like scene they’re calling the Snowpocolypse. It seems that everyone is facing the same type of difficulties and that has led to a sense of community.

The heavy snows have kept residents indoors and the city streets mostly deserted for days, but now that it’s stopped snowing, people have started digging out, and the streets are crowded once again. According to, the difference is that many have chosen to walk rather than attempting to drive on the icy roads, giving the venture the feeling of a party as pedestrians have completely taken over the streets.

One observer, John Frederick, decided to walk and found people out having snowball fights and enjoying themselves. Another, Wayne Corprew found his truck couldn’t handle the icy, snow-packed streets but his four-wheeler did just fine. He and Frederick rode to dinner in the vehicle; a first for Roanoke’s downtown.

As the city returns to normal, officials could consider working with brochure printers to create a mailer for residents, including tips on how to stay safe in extreme weather conditions. They might also consider discussing preparations for flooding, which can often follow heavy snows.