School bell rings again in Richmond

August 16, 2012 by  

The Back to School Educator Appreciation Social will take place at Suited for Success from August 30 – 31. This is a free event for those over age 21. Educators must show proof of their profession, such as work identification, in order to be admitted.

The evening is planned as a salute to teachers and other educators as they start a new school year. This two-day event should help teachers to feel appreciated as they ease themselves back to work and once again get ready to face the classroom. There will be door prizes of $50 gift certificates or fashion makeovers, refreshments, and networking opportunities. Those who attend will also receive a money-off coupon to use in the Suited for Success store. No doubt Richmond printing companies will have provided the organizers with the coupons to be handed out.

The term ‘networking’ often conjures up images of business owners forming a referral network. However, educators definitely want to network with their peers as well. They may want to share ideas with other teachers, consult with one another over job frustrations, and find solutions to problems with which all teachers occasionally have to deal. Those who plan to attend would certainly be well advised want to bring a few business cards to hand out. Since this is a social event, there will probably only be a very limited amount of ‘shop talk’ but there will definitely be time to exchange business cards and forge relationships with others in attendance.