Mardi Gras comes to Richmond

February 22, 2014 by  

Mardi Gras Rio is taking place in downtown Richmond this March for two days. The event is presented by the Dogtown Dance Theatre.

Similar celebrations will take place on both days. The first day will feature a parade which will start from 15th Street and Bainbridge. It is open to anyone who wishes to take part. The fees are $75 for businesses and $30 for non-profit groups, and individual walkers are free. The parade will then be followed by a performance at the Dogtown Dance Theatre featuring Host of Sparrows Aerial Arts, Rattlemouth, and the Dogtown Hoop Mafia.

Next, on ‘Fat Tuesday’ there will be a walking parade that will follow the same route as the first one and it will be followed by the performance at the theatre.

Those taking part in the parade may choose to invest in services such as banner printing from Richmond print companies. A banner, which would likely feature the participant’s business logo or name, can be hung over a float, displayed on a car, or carried by walking groups.

Mardi Gras Rio will take place on March 1 and March 4. On both days, the parades will begin at 4:00 pm and the Dogtown Dance Theatre performance will start at 7:00 pm each evening. Tickets for the theater are $10 per person or free for those aged 12 and under. To find out more about the celebration, call 804-204-1364.