A business plan template from the Department of Economic Development

December 3, 2011 by  

Those wishing to start a business in Richmond can get help from the Department of Economic Development (DED). This city agency wants new business for Richmond; they provide help for every step that a new business owner must take in order to start off on the right foot legally and financially.

In order to help those who wish to start a business, the Department of Economic Development has created a template which lists all the necessary steps in creating a business plan. This template is available on the City of Richmond website and also on a CD-ROM entitled “An Interactive Guide to Starting a Business in the City of Richmond.”

This template includes 12 separate steps that new Richmond business owners must take in order to get the business up and running:

1. Secure the necessary funding – this is an obvious first step
2. Find a business location – the DED can help with this
3. Check your zoning designation – make sure your type of business is allowed
4. Obtain a Certificate of Occupancy – in case you need a building permit
5. Get a business license
6. Get all other necessary licenses and permits – depending on the type of business you are opening
7. Register the name of your business
8. Register and obtain a Certificate of Business from the State of Virginia
9. Get a Federal Tax Identification Number
10. Get a State Tax Identification Number
11. Open for business – network with other Richmond businesses and merchant’s associations; arrange for business card printing
12. Continue to learn and grow

Following these steps, with extra help from the DED when needed will ensure a successful start for any business.