Tribute to King provided this weekend

January 17, 2014 by  

This weekend, a tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called ‘Songs of a Dreamer’ will be staged by the Virginia Symphony Orchestra and the City of Norfolk as a way to commemorate the Life of the iconic activist. Brochure printing and poster printing might have been used to spread the word about this special concert to people in the community and other nearby areas.

This special concert is being presented as part of the City of Norfolk’s Neighbors Building Neighborhoods program, as well as the Virginia Symphony Orchestra’s Harmony Project.

The concert will be conducted by Benjamin Rous and will feature music that has been written or inspired by African American Composers. This is a public performance and all are invited. It intends to act as an example of how universal music can bring together people from all walks of life, including the various neighborhoods along Hampton Road.

Admission to this concert is free to all, and it will be occurring on Sunday, January 19, starting at 7:00 pm at the Calvary Revival Church located at 5833 Poplar Hall Drive in Norfolk, Virginia. To learn more about this concert, please visit the Virginia Symphony Orchestra website or call the Calvary Revival Church office.

With Martin Luther King Day falling on the day after the event, it is likely to get locals in the right mood to spend the day remembering the global impact of the speaker, who died 46 years ago at the age of 39.