Norfolk to study quilt history

February 16, 2014 by  

The Freedom Quilts is part of African/American History Month explains to people how fabric quilts were used to convey secret messages to African/American slaves as they journeyed to freedom.

This special program was made a reality by the Friends of the Norfolk Public Library (FNPL). Brochure and poster printing might have been used to encourage people in this community to come out and learn more about history.

As part of the African/American History Month celebrations, the library has created several events to promote learning about cultural diversity and civility, so that guests may obtain a greater understanding of their country’s history. The library also has several books available on this subject.

Guests will learn how these amazing freedom quilts told the fleeing slaves where to find food, who would provide them lodging, and which homes should be avoided at all cost. Some of the quilts depicted symbols that told the slaves which way to journey so they would be safe, and some provided guidance about shelter that was available in abandoned buildings.

Admission to this event is free to everyone, and people are encouraged to come out and learn more. The event will be happening on Saturday, February 22, from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm at the Little Creek Branch Library in Norfolk, Virginia. To reserve a spot, please call 757-441-1751.