Learn to increase communication in the workplace

April 9, 2012 by  

The Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce is presenting a five workshop series called Workforce Now. Workforce Now is described as a program intended to create

“a workforce ready to meet the Fredericksburg region’s current and future employment needs.”

The first workshop will be entitled “Generation in the Workplace” and will take place at the Riverside Conference Center on April 23 from 8-9:30am. Tickets are $10 for chamber members and students, and $15 for non-members in advance; an extra $2 is charged for walk-ins.

The workshop will be presented by Jo Ellen Armstrong, of Mary Washington Healthcare. These days, people stay in the workforce longer and longer; sometimes by choice, other times by necessity. There can be as many as four generations in any one workplace. This can often cause conflict due to the differences between individuals and different expectations. The workshop will teach effective communication skills and how to create a productive and positive work environment for all employees regardless of age.

No matter their ages, all employees like to be appreciated. Many companies do this by creating an “employee of the month” award or something similar. Fredericksburg companies can arrange with local printing companies to create either a plaque proclaiming the employee of the month or a certificate that is suitable for framing. Poster printing and banner printing could be used to announce their successes to the rest of the team. While this may seem like a small acknowledgement, employees do appreciate recognition of the job they do. It definitely raises company morale and makes employees want to do the best job that they can do.