Embrace ethical leadership in Fredericksburg

May 20, 2012 by  

The Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Rappahannock Rotary Club are presenting the workshop “Making a difference: ethical, character driven leadership” on June 1 from 8:00 am – 1:00 pm at Fredericksburg Country Club. Tickets are $35 and include breakfast and lunch.

This interactive workshop will be presented by Dave Corderman and Dick Ayres. The workshop will help business brains to develop their leadership skills by discovering their personal power. They will learn how to develop a vision for their business, how to commit themselves to being an effective leader, to build trust and eliminate fear, and how to take responsibility for their decisions.

They will be given examples of what effective leaders do and how to really care about the people who work for them. Leadership is more than just giving out orders; running a business is a two-way street and, in order to be successful, it takes give and take from both managers and employees. Good leaders realize this and will listen to all sides. Those who attend will also learn how to use these same skills in helping the community through ideas such as fundraising events for local charities.

The workshop will also be an opportunity for Fredericksburg business leaders to network with one another. Arranging for business card printing in advance will ensure they have enough cards to give to those they meet. It is great to be an effective leader but company leaders also need to draw more business to move to the next level of success.