Treasures to behold at the Open Air Market

August 27, 2012 by  

The Arlington Civitan Open Air Market takes place in the Washington-Lee High School parking garage on the fifth day of every month from April to November. The next market will take place on September 5 from 7:00 am – 1:30 pm. Admission is free and all proceeds go towards supporting local non-profit and community organizations.

Previously going by the name of ‘The Arlington Flea Market’, the market draws professional vendors from Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Approximately 150 will be selling anything and everything, including collectibles, antiques, furniture, household items, tools, and books. Vendors pay $20 for each parking space or $40 for a double space.

Those who plan to take part in this Arlington market will no doubt be working with their local printing companies to prepare for the event. They might want to invest in business cards to hand out to interested parties or to include with any item sold. Those who regularly sell at the Open Air Market might also want to design and create a flyer that they can distribute throughout the community, helping to promote their efforts and what they are selling. Flyers are usually one of the best options for promoting sales, as they are easily to distribute.

With such a variety of products on offer, The Open Air Market might be just the place to find that perfect item that someone has been after for a long time. To find out more information about the market, contact Tiffany Ogu at 571-344-4677.