Craft show reaches double figures

October 29, 2013 by  

The 10th annual Dominion Hills Fall Craft Show, which is returning to Arlington this weekend, is an ideal shopping opportunity for those who have moved on from the warmth of the summer and now have the holidays firmly in mind. The show is to be presented by the Dominion Hills Area Recreation Association.

A total of 12 regional and local artists will be showcasing and selling a variety of items likely to be ideal for gift giving. Those who are already confirmed to be attending the show are providing such items such as hand painted scarves, original stationery, mixed media artworks, glassware, jewelry, and pottery.

All items are hand crafted and unique and are, according to the event organizers, reasonably priced. In addition to finding a gift for another, the promoters suggest that many in attendance will find something they are tempted to buy for themselves.

It is likely that Arlington printing companies have been approached by the organizers to provide advertising materials, such as flyers, which could then be distributed throughout the area by direct mail or being handed out on the street. This is likely to attract more visitors from all over the area, thus increasing the chance of the show being a success.

The Dominion Hills Fall Craft Show is taking place at Dominion Hills Community House on November 2 from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. To find out more about the show, which is free to attend, contact Julie Jernigan at 703-533-0957.