Arlington dedicates a day to small business

November 27, 2013 by  

Like many cities in the United States, the city of Arlington is celebrating Small Business Day on the day after Thanksgiving Friday. This is the second year in a row on which Arlington has participated in this celebration.

This particular day was chosen because it is traditionally viewed as the year’s busiest shopping day; even though it falls between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Black Friday shopping usually involves national department and other stores, meaning that smaller stores sometimes have to battle for sales. It is set up to promote buying locally and to help the area’s economy, with the theme for this year being “shop like you mean it”.

Stores and companies throughout the city will be having special sales and promotions and holding events for the public. For those who have home-based and online businesses, a pop-up shop will be set up in the Ballston Business Improvement District to give them the opportunity to participate and to sell their products to the general public, who might not have been aware of them before.

Some of the promotions in which businesses might participate could involve advertising, for which local companies often contact Arlington printing companies to provide them with a product. This may include flyers and booklets, which will be distributed through direct mail or includes as inserts in local newspapers.

To find out which companies are participating, or for more information on the November 30 event, contact Shana Lawlor at 202-321-2256.