Monstrous fun to be had at museum

December 26, 2012 by  

Dino Days, presented by the Bank of America, is a great family experience on offer over the next couple of days. Featuring dinosaurs, live animals, a Rainforest Adventure exhibit, a fossil dig, special crafts, and a number of other activities, it is an event for which poster printing may have been used as a promotional aid within this community and the surrounding areas.

Dinosaur Gallery exhibits the only permanent display of dinosaurs in the entire state. Dinosaur skeletons tower over guests and include the tuojiangosaurus, along with the yangchuanosaurus, which are both Asian relatives to the American dinosaurs allosaurus and stegosaurus. The head of a parasauolophus and an archaeopteryx are being displayed as well. This special gallery also features a ‘Science in Action Lab’, where the volunteers of the museum prepare real paleontology specimens to be studied, and are available to answer guests’ questions. The museum provides guests the opportunity to explore distant jungles, far away seas, and the Delmarva inhabitants located near our backyards. This presentation is a wonderful way to show children and adults the actual sizes of the real dinosaurs.

Special pricing is in place for this exhibit, but guests will need to check the website prior to the opening. Dino Days will be held on Thursday, December 27 and Friday, December 28, starting at 9:30 am at the Delaware Museum of Natural History located at 4840 Kennett Pike in Wilmington, Delaware. For ticket information, please visit the Delaware Museum of Natural History website or call their office during business hours.