Preservation proposals aim to benefit North Andover

April 28, 2017 by  

The North Andover Community Preservation Committee (CPC) recently announced its recommendations for projects for the next fiscal year to be presented at the Town Meeting next month.

Assuredly, some of these projects may also benefit the nearby town of Andover.

Chair of the CPC, John Simons, said that all 10 project recommendations received were well-thought-out and well-conceived ideas. The total cost of these projects is expected to be $1,914,460.

As part of the Playground Master Plan, the town funds and renovates the playgrounds in the town. This year, the CPC is requesting $200,000 to make major upgrades to the Drummond Playground, as it is an essential municipal playground, and, according to a fourth grader at the Sargent Elementary School, is in very bad shape.

Another recommendation is the expenditure of $12,500 for trails near the Stevens Estate and Edgewood Retirement Community along the side of Lake Cochichewick, as these need ramps and fencing.

A major project, coming in at a cost of $600,000, is the renovation and expansion of the athletic fields at the Middle School. Simons commented that there was extensive input from the community and town reports on the project, and it is one that can help to transform the community.

The CPC may benefit from using a booklet printing company to print materials about these various projects so that the town can remain informed about their progress.