Girl scouts visit state house for day of civic education

February 10, 2018 by  

A group of Girl Scouts from Andover and North Andover recently visited the State House, hosted by by Representative Diana DiZoglio from Methuen, as part of her initiative on civic education.

DiZoglio met with the troop, who toured the State House and sat in the House Chamber. DiZoglio explained how ideas become laws and then engaged the girls in a debate about a piece of legislation.

Since 2013, DiZoglio has been trying to incorporate civic education into the public schools of Massachusetts. As part of this endeavor, she hosts Civic Education days by visiting schools across the Merrimack Valley.

Member of the North Andover School Committee and mother of the of the girl scouts, Holly Vietzke-Lynch, said that this was a great experience for the girls. They had the chance to see what is was like to be a state representative and engage in legislative discussions.

Troop leaders Bonnie Miler and Valerie Giles added that the girls learned about a legislative debate and how to respectfully disagree. The legislative process was able to come to life for the girls, thanks to the efforts of DiZoglio.

DiZoglio added that the debate was thoughtful and respectful, but she thought the girls truly enjoyed themselves.
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