Schools and police team up to find new employees

September 2, 2016 by  

Susan Schmidt works for the Anchorage School District and her brother Jason Schmidt is a cop, and the two have come up with an idea for finding workers for jobs in the city.

The duo, along with Anchorage mayor Ethan Berkowitz, announced August 24 that the two agencies will join forces to recruit employees.

The idea of a recruiting partnership came to the Schmidts as they were enjoying a dinner out. They wondered if they could find couples, one who wanted to teach and the other who wanted to go into law enforcement, and find them both jobs so they would remain in Anchorage. The two suggested that both police and educational personnel attend job fairs together.

In a press conference, Mayor Berkowitz called the collaboration ‘exciting’, and said it would enable the city to do more to ensure the schools remain healthy, and the police department expands to fill its final quota of sworn officers. When Berkowitz ran for mayor, he suggested Anchorage needed more than 400 police officers. There are current 387, about 44 of whom are still in training.

Both the police and schools are recruiting, and a joint effort will save the city time and money by sending fewer people to job fairs and splitting recruiting costs.

Agencies like these can benefit by working with banners, which add color and excitement to any event, and make it easy to find specific people in large venues.