Salvation Army volunteers deliver Thanksgiving meals

December 3, 2016 by  

Thanksgiving 2016 was a little brighter for Anchorage seniors, thanks to Salvation Army volunteers who got together to distribute food and bring greetings to older residents.

On the holiday, more than 70 people got together and packed up 430 meals, which they then loaded into their cars and delivered throughout the area. They distributed newspapers along with the food, so seniors would know what was going on in their community.

The Salvation Army’s Major Mike Dickinson said the seniors were neighbors, so he and others were glad to bring them good food. Even more importantly, though, was the fact the volunteers spent time talking to the seniors, many of whom were alone.

Volunteer Anthony Lutes described his experience, saying he had delivered a meal to a ‘Miss Yvonne’, who enjoyed having his company for a few minutes. They discovered that Miss Yvonne’s mother is now living in a facility approximately 40 miles from where Lutes lived approximately 10 years earlier. Yvonne said she cannot stand for more than a few minutes at a time, so cooking a meal is beyond her ability. Lutes reported that she is extremely grateful for the volunteers and their efforts.

The Salvation Army has been operating in Alaska since 1898, with the organization’s leaders showing the way, but with thousands of volunteers helping out.

Organizations like this can benefit by distributing brochures that describe their mission and their need for volunteers