First residents move to ‘cohousing’ community

January 3, 2017 by  

A new concept for living, called ‘cohousing’, has come into being in Anchorage as residents settle into Ravens’ Roost, the first cohousing community in the city.

The concept allows residents to own their own homes while also owning some amenities jointly, according to an article on

Ravens’ Roost is located in South Anchorage, and occupies 6.2 acres of land. Thus far, 25 households have relocated to the development where they own their home, but also co-own common spaces. These include a common room comprising 3,800 square feet that contains a large kitchen and adjoining dining area, a play area for children, a living room that incorporates a library, several guest rooms, and a laundry area where sharing is an option, since laundry facilities can also be hooked up in the homes. The common area leads to an atrium where 12 condos are located. The front doors of these units open to the atrium to make it easy for residents to meet.

Cohousing communities are deliberately designed to make it easy for neighbors to meet and learn about one another. Mary Miner, who first had the idea for Ravens’ Roost, expressed her opinion that:

“On many levels right now we’re all kind of detached from each other.”

Residents of projects like this might enjoy using holiday cards to inform others about the community.