Anchorage institutes electronic system to review plans

November 4, 2016 by  

Anchorage has put an electronic system in place that will save city planners, project developers, and architects time and money. The so-called “e-plan” enables those concerned to review plans online, once they have been submitted and fees paid, and see comments about them made by others.

The idea of making plans available for review electronically has been in the works for many years. In 2014, based on an early cost estimate for the project, the Anchorage Assembly approved $500,000 for its implementation. The final contract, for $625,738, was awarded to Avolve Software in July, 2015. Avolve, which is based in Arizona, included staff training in its contract.

Avolve finished installing the software earlier in 2016, according to Anchorage engineer Ross Noffsinger. However, the city did not announce that the system was up and running until it had time to train staff and customers in its use.

Jason Swift of ECI Architecture says he started using the system in July, and found that the new software has made it a lot easier to discuss plans with the city. He first used the e-plan mechanism for his work on a new dealership for the Kendall Auto Group. The new dealer is on Old Seward Highway.

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