Phone App helps find car maintenance services

January 22, 2017 by  

Residents in the Anaheim area are now able to download an App on their smartphones, which enables them to contact SWEETWORXX, a business that provides resources for car repairs. Created in 2015, SWEETWORXX allows consumers to obtain advice on the mechanic that is right for them and help get your vehicle to the repair shop.

The app aims to help take the confusion and uncertainty out of choosing the ideal car repair service, something that many car owners face at some time or other.

SWEETWORXX also works with local mechanics providing them with a steady stream of customers. These mechanics likely promote the app with posters notifying their customers of the available service.

Car owners can use the app to contact SWEETWORXX who will then send a qualified employee over to pick up their vehicle for them. This is an ideal resource for busy car owners who often find it hard to make the time to get the car to the shop and arrange for a ride home or to their jobs when the repairs will take some time.

The list of services that you can take advantage of through SWEETWORXX include auto detailing and washing, air conditioning, battery replacement and charging, diagnostic work, brakes, electronics, fuel and performance to name a few. You may also contact SWEETWORXX for information on roadside assistance services offered.