Officials look to new direction for transportation center

April 26, 2017 by  

The Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC) has been operating for over three years and is struggling to make predicted profits, so the city is continuing to reach out to local agencies and to help support ARTIC.

Currently, ARTIC has just under 3,000 riders on any given weekday. During the times when local sport teams have games, the ridership increases. However, the numbers are much lower than originally projected. Advertising and direct mail printing services are one of the any ways the city could distribute information and encourage ridership. Some of the advertising planned includes poster boards and panels within the facility.

The transportation center is has a wall of glass just over 100 feet tall that shines multicolored at night. The facility rents out space to tenants, which helps with the centers bottom line. Occupants include several eateries such as The Oyster Bar, Auntie Anne’s pretzel kiosk, and a coffee shop expected to open in the summer called The Lost Bean.

Those profiting in the resort areas surrounding Anaheim will contribute for transportation that directly benefits them. This includes funding for shuttles taking customers to and from their resorts to the ARTIC facility. The city, which owns ARTIC, is responsible for costs to operate the center and is continually trying to make up for the deficits.

The latest community event, held by the High Speed Rail Authority, discussed the possibility of a train that would run from Anaheim to San Francisco. Ventures like this will likely help bring the much needed traffic to the center.