Anaheim City Council adopts budget for diverse needs

July 9, 2017 by  

Recently the city of Anaheim approved a budget to assist with a variety of needs for its businesses, residents and visitors. Taking into account the diverse needs, the budget will help sort through issues such as community centers, public safety, streets and parks.

The budget of $1.7 billion will assist the city in creating improvements over the next year. The resulting budget was the ending to months of meetings and workshops to discuss needs within the city. City officials can notify residents of upcoming changes through direct mail printing or brochures obtained from a local print company.

The plans consist of funds to assist in the soon to be open Ponderosa Community Center. The center is 18,400 square feet and will include classrooms, a gymnasium, and teen rooms. Educationally, the center will offer students help in homework and assistance with English-language. For activities, the center will provide fitness classes, sports, and games.

The budget also included assistance for transportation needs within the city for upgrades of several streets, adding bike lanes, replacing streetlights, and various other improvements throughout the city.

Funds are also now available for improvements in parks and recreation, including creation of trails, updates and repairs, and even a skate park at Manzanita Park. An assortment of other projects will also be undertaken.

Lastly the city has allocated funds to assist with public safety, including funding for a new fire station and the hiring of up to 10 new officer to the police force.