Shade tree planting program begins in Ambler

February 1, 2018 by  

The Ambler Environmental Advisory Council is urging residents to help the environment by investing in its citywide shade tree program.

The Environmental Advisory Council in Ambler wants to remind everyone that shade trees add beauty, provide homes for wildlife, and offer a shady spot against the summer heat. The organization’s event, Make Ambler a Shade Better, is encouraging people to purchase a discounted tree from the group and plant it in their own yard. There are multiple tree species to choose from, and the cost of each tree is $55 for the first and $80 for each additional one.

All of the tree orders must be received by February 14, and delivery of the trees will be on April 20. Assistance is available from the advisory council about how and where to plant the trees once they arrive. The trees being offered will hopefully grow to be beautiful backdrops for regional photographs and calendars.

The Ambler Environmental Advisory Council is an eco-conscious organization made up of local volunteers and borough council appointees that seeks out solutions to improve and protect the environment in and around Ambler. All residents are welcome to attend any council meetings.

Visit the organization’s website for a downloadable order form for the trees, as well as the scheduled times and dates for future council meetings.