City of Ambler taking part in a nationwide event to support small business.

November 11, 2017 by  

Small Business Saturday is an annual event held in November and dedicated to encouraging people to shop locally.

Many people around the United States spend months preparing for Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year. The city of Ambler is asking its residents to wait one more day and come downtown instead of fighting crowds at the local malls and big box stores.

Small Business Saturday is a promotional event taking place across the country on November 25th, the Saturday following Thanksgiving. The “shop small” event was created by American Express to encourage people to support their local business owners and invest their money back into their own communities.

Ambler is offering free parking all day for the event to aid local shop and restaurant owners during this exciting shopping excursion. Any business owner that would like to take part is welcome and should feel free to contact the Ambler municipal office for more information. Additional details are also available on the national event website.

Shop owners should use this time to contact their print company and create custom “shop small” coupons for their businesses. Begin handing them out now to increase awareness and excitement for the big day. There is no fee to take part in Small Business Saturday.