New elementary school planned to be built in Allentown

February 9, 2018 by  

A new elementary school will be built in Allentown on 12th and Gordon Streets. The Allentown Planning Commission recently reviewed land development plans for the school.

Architect Robin Breslin designed the building, and says the school will have a 12,000 ft. community center for people in Allentown to use, a children’s healthcare center, food bank, adult education, and Pre-K.

It will have a multi-purpose room and library for the community to use. This will replace two other elementary schools in Allentown – Cleveland and McKinley.

This three story building will have over 28 classrooms. The new elementary school will have room for 800 children.

Over 600 students will come from the other two elementary schools and the other 200 from overcrowded school in the district primarily Central and Ramos.

The main entrance for the school will be on Gordon St. They will use smaller buses for special Ed students, transfers, and private charters.

The school district plans to open an alley in the rear of the school for 77 parking spaces for teachers, and a drop-off area for parents. Security guards will direct traffic in the morning.

The district purchased the land in 2017 with a plan to begin construction in June 2018.

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