Albuquerque event to explore the connection between math concepts and play

November 4, 2016 by  

Play can be an effective and fun way for children to learn complex mathematical concepts, and adults are invited to come to an Albuquerque event, where they can see for themselves how to put this theory into practice.

Geared towards educators of young children and parents alike, the workshop will give them an opportunity to see and experience for themselves how play can help kids develop a strong foundation in both math concepts and vocabulary. They will also learn how to apply this concept to their everyday interactions with their youngsters or students. A booklet printing service can be called upon to produce instructional materials for those who attend to take home with them.

The evening has been organized by the Wemagination Resource Center, which is an organization dedicated to recycling high-quality materials into items that can be used in play. It also trains families, teachers, and others who work with young kids in how to incorporate play into their daily activities.

The Play O #2: Investigating Early Math Concepts Through Play workshop will be held on December 8 at The Wemagination Resource Center, which is located at 4010 Copper Avenue Northeast in Albuquerque. There is no fee to participate, but those who are interested in attending are asked to register beforehand through the seminar’s website. It also contains further details about the event.