Young Women of Distinction Luncheon

March 16, 2012 by  

On Sunday, April 8th, 2012 the “Young Women of Distinction Luncheon” will be held at the Dena’ina Civic and Convention Center located at 600 W Seventh Avenue, in Anchorage, Alaska. This special luncheon will be held between 12pm and 1pm

This annual event is held each year by the Girl Scouts of Alaska in recognition of those who have received Gold Awards. This year the recognition is for teenage girls from the Homer, Anchorage, and Kodiak communities. This event will also be in honor of the Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary. At this event, participants will be presented with a video, by the Girl Scouts of Alaska, featuring both girls and women who have excelled in science, technology, math, and engineering.

The Girl Scouts of Alaska has an exceptional leadership program in a safe environment. These girls become leaders within their community and learn confidence and strength of character to go on to become global leaders. The Young Women of Distinction luncheon supports the Girl Scouts of Alaska’s annual fund that enables any girl to become a Girl Scout regardless of her geographic or economic situation.

The civic center may have additional information available, and the print companies may have the stationery printing in order at this time. Due to the nature of this luncheon, the organizers are suggesting those who are invited make a minimum donation of $100.00 per person. For additional information, or to reserve a seat, call 907-263-2850 or visit the Dena’inc Civic and Convention Center’s website or the Girl Scouts of Alaska website.