No need to be board with upcoming sled competition

March 12, 2013 by  

This week’s ‘Cardboard Sled Derby’ gives everyone the opportunity to display their creativity and engineering skills by building a sled using only cardboard, while giving a competitive edge to the snowy season.

This is a fun-packed family event that allows participant to use their skills, a little bit of cardboard, some duct tape, and some white glue to create a sled that can go the distance. The competition will pit sled builders against one another and will be judged by distance, creativity, and speed, so the sled that travels the farthest, the fastest, and looks the best in each run will move up to the next level of the competition.

The event is divided into divisions that include 8 – 12 years old, 13 – 17 years old, 18+, and family. Once the sled is created, the entire family can participate in enhancing the décor.

Taking place in the downtown core, local print companies are likely to have been involved in promoting this outdoor recreational competition to people in this community and the surrounding area, perhaps through poster printing.

Admission to this event is free and the entire community is invited to come out and join in the winter fun. The Cardboard Sled Derby will be held this Friday, March 15, beginning at 1:00 pm at the Kincaid Park Chalet located at 9401 Raspberry Road in Anchorage, Alaska. For additional information, please visit the Cardboard Sled Derby page at Anchorage Net or call 907-343-6397 during business hours. Parking is available on site.