Large Format Printing in Hickory Hills

The Chicago suburb of Hickory Hills, Illinois, only fifteen miles from Chicago, and is largely residential. However, the beauty of the woods for which it is named is found in the forest preserve, which comprises nearly half the town. At Minuteman Press, we’re glad to be part of this community, and to support the economy by offering large format printing in Hickory Hills.

Large format printing is the process that allows copying of oversized documents like posters and maps. They are duplicated on a machine that is physically larger than an ordinary copier. The large format machine is somewhat more costly to operate than ordinary printers, so it’s fortunate that companies need not maintain this equipment, as there is a local print shop to help.

Working with a local printer gives the company the change to get to meet the experts who comprise the team that will finish their project. Not only is there a printer available, but a graphic designer is in-house as well, and so are technicians who are familiar with the latest technology. A local shop creates high-quality work, and can fulfill orders quickly.

At Minuteman Press, we’re committed to offering the finest products and services, and are happy to provide large format printing in Hickory Hills. When your organization needs large documents copies, why not contact us and let us provide a free, no-obligation quote?