Patchogue goes green with new outdoor addition

November 25, 2014 by  

With the opening of a new park, residents of Patchogue will now have a fresh area to enjoy getting back nature without having to travel to do it.

The former site of a car dealership has been converted into a wetland, which includes park space, walking trails, and kayak launches. The Swan River, which runs through the land, has been cleaned up and made suitable for recreational and aesthetic enjoyment, which will make it a spot to relax and unwind.

An important feature of the new wetlands is that they include a rain garden, which will filter runoff during heavy rains. This will make the water entering the river much cleaner than it would be otherwise, and also help to prevent flooding.

The project came with a price tag of $2.75m, more than half of which was covered by a grant from the state’s Environmental Facilities Corporation. The remainder came from the State’s Parks Office. Since the area is not considered to be suitable for future development, plans are being made to convert more of the unused spaces into parkland and other naturalized areas.

The park is currently unnamed, and this is the type of situation where a print company can help. It can produce printed suggestion forms to be handed out to the public, allowing them to submit their ideas.