Columbia stair climb returning for 2019

January 9, 2019 by  

A Columbia event has been planned to honor those who put their lives at risk both on September 11, 2001 and today, with the community asked to be a part of the occasion.

Those who plan on being a part of this year’s Columbia Memorial Stair Climb will be welcome to choose from three different ticket options, and donations will also be accepted. First responders, law enforcement personnel, and firefighters who register for the function are asked to indicate the name of their organization when they sign up to participate.

The group of climbers will gather at Faurot Field before they begin their ascent, and they will all be asked to climb 110 flights of steps. This represents the stairs climbed by the emergency personnel on 9/11 when they were working to save those who were in the buildings, and it also honors those who work hard to keep the public safe every day of the year.

Each participant will be asked to choose a first responder for whom they will be climbing, and those who forget to do so will have one assigned to them. Logo design and other print and marketing services for this sort of occasion can be provided by a professional print shop.

April 27 has been selected to be the date for this annual function. Anyone who requires further details can find them through its online listing.