Popular Cincinnati resident hits another milestone

January 8, 2019 by  

Cincinnati Zoo’s beloved Fiona, a hippo, reached another milestone recently when she tipped the scales at more than 1,000lp.

The zoo made the announcement via Facebook. The weight indicates the animal is healthy—encouraging for a hippo who arrived six weeks ahead of schedule in January 2017, and weighed what for hippos was a very light 29lb.

Cincinnati residents have been fans of Fiona since her birth; there have been books written about her, and playing cards with her image on them. Graeter’s, the legendary ice cream company based in Cincinnati, created ‘Chunky Chunky Hippo’ in her honor, and visitors to the zoo were able to purchase Fiona-themed holiday gifts. Zoo officials’ wish for 2019 is that Fiona keeps growing, getting stronger and remaining healthy. Facilities like this can use graphic design to incorporate a special animal into many of their printed materials.

The nation’s second-oldest zoo, the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden opened in 1875, two years after the founding of the Zoological Society of Cincinnati. The first animal collection was small, comprising an elephant, an alligator, a tiger, a hyena, a buffalo, two elk, six raccoons, three deer, two grizzlies, and eight monkeys, as well as hundreds of birds. The Zoo was established in the city center on a 65-acre site, and since then has expanded into some of the surrounding blocks, and has reserves in some suburbs.