New Korean eatery opens in Tempe

January 7, 2019 by  

Tempe recently became home to Bonchon, a restaurant chain based in South Korea, which features fried chicken made to order. This is the chain’s first location in Arizona.

Bonchon’s signature fried chicken is not like American-style fried chicken, which has a crispy and thick exterior. Instead, the skin on Korean fried chicken is crackly and delicately thin. It tends to be less greasy than American Southern-style fried chicken, even though its fried two times instead of just once. Bonchon offers fried-to-order chicken drumsticks, wings, and strips.

In addition, the chicken is seasoned with salt, sugar, and spices before being cooked and covered with a sticky sauce. Garlic soy or spicy fried chicken are the primary chicken options. Side dishes include pickled daikon radish, rice, or coleslaw.

Along with its signature fried chicken, the restaurant offers other traditional Korean dishes such as japchae (a noodle dish), fried rice, bibimbap (rice dish), and an innovative Korean taco with marinated beef or spicy chicken. Side dishes range from kimchi coleslaw and edamame, to onion rings and French fries.

Non-traditional Korean fare is also offered, as well as a full menu at the bar, including bottled and draft beer, cocktails, and Korean soju (an alcoholic beverage usually made from rice or wheat).

Various kinds of promotional products can be used so that people become aware of such innovations in dining and their unique menu.