Gaston County plans new special daycare program

January 7, 2019 by  

Ignited Minds Childcare, a nonprofit organization that will provide daycare for special needs children and an afterschool program for all children, is planned for Gaston County.

The initiative, which has already received state approval, will be headed by Alan Routhier who has been an advocate for children with special needs for many years. He is a member of the board of the Special Needs Community Initiative, an organization that builds housing for disabled children who are still high-functioning.

Various displays can be created using poster printing to circulate throughout the county, so residents become aware of such programs and the fundraising efforts to get them underway.

Explaining that there is no facility like this in the county, Routhier states that the challenge is to offer kids with special needs the same opportunities as those without special needs and adapt them to their specific disabilities. Routhier added that a specific location for the program has not been determined, but several locations are being considered that would serve those in Gastonia.

There would be 25 children served in the daycare program and up to 50 children in the afterschool program. Children would be offered educational materials, one-on-one interaction, and special activities, and assistance in each of the programs. Also under consideration are dance classes, fitness programs, and homework help.

Ignited Minds Childcare is scheduled to open in June 2019.