Champaign Fire Department conducts live training

January 6, 2019 by  

Officials of the Champaign Fire Department say house fires increase in winter, and that is why the firefighters recently conducted live training, in spite of the cold weather.

The most recent session was held at the Illinois Fire Service Institute, where Champaign firefighters spent three days. The training was focused on finding victims, and operations of engine companies Jason Dillingham, a lieutenant with the CFD, said training is vital, since it is important that firefighters keep updated with regard to new tactics and the latest skills in fire behavior. Gary Gula, the department’s Battalion Chief, said the training gives the department members a chance to sharpen their skills. He added the firefighters learn how to enter a burning building and put out the blaze as fast as possible.

The training involved what is known as a coordinated fire attack, which uses an on-deck crew, a truck company, and an engine. The situation replicates the type of buildings often encountered by firefighters. Agencies that undergo training like this could use logo design to modify their logo to include the additional skills.

If learning to fight fires effectively were not enough, winter weather is also a factor. Randy Smith, CFD’s Deputy Fire Marshal, said that if trucks sit around when it is below freezing, it is possible the water could freeze. The training gives the department the chance to put all these situations together and learn to manage them.