Centerville starts the year with craft beer

January 2, 2019 by  

The Annual Brew HaHa will feature all craft beers in Ohio at the upcoming festival taking place near Centerville.

Enjoying the unusual brews from surrounding states as well as local brewery favorites sets this event apart from the usual beer activities. It celebrates the growth and visibility of the craft beer industry across the Midwest.

Brewery businesses, both large and small, will be on hand to showcase their specialties, which may include rare beers that are difficult to find. Pleasing the palates of craft experts is one of the goals of this highly attended festival.

For outdoor events of this type, using printing services from local print shops will ensure a professional festival. Banner printing will produce highly visible signage that can be hung above the crowd for directional purposes, or inside the vendors’ or crafters’ booths.

The Dayton Brew Haha started raising funds years ago for the Montessori School for capital improvement funding. This effort brings locals, neighbors and friends across the region for fun tasting of craft beers and the opportunity to learn more about what is a burgeoning industry.

The event will take place Saturday, January 26 at the Montessori School located at 2900 Acosta Street in Dayton, just a short drive from Centerville. General admission is $42, with VIP admission set at $52 each.