Boulder information session to explore medical opportunities

January 2, 2019 by  

Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres) is a group of medical and nonmedical professionals who help people all over the world in times of crisis, whether man-made or natural. It is looking for some men and women who are up for a challenge, and it has planned an information session for Boulder next month.

The group has invited those in both inside and outside of the medical sector to attend a presentation that will outline what it does and the different opportunities it has to offer. Both a Human Resources Officer and an aid worker will address the audience, and there will also be a question and answer period during the 90-minute presentation.

During the session, the assembled group will learn about what it is like to be in a ‘boots on the ground’ position with Doctors Without Borders. The organization has positions for doctors, nurses, surgeons, midwives and other medical professionals, and it is also looking for supply logisticians, water sanitation specialists, and those with a background in several other fields as well. Poster printing techniques can be used to craft large sized display materials for an event like this, and these can be designed to incorporate infographics that make the information included easy for the viewer to understand.

Galvanize Boulder will be offering this information session on February 8. It can be found at 1023 Walnut Street.