Dallas most popular city for retirees relocating in Texas

January 1, 2019 by  

Among Americans choosing Texas as a retirement destination, Dallas is the most popular city, according to a new survey.

Provision Living, a company that operates numerous senior living communities throughout the country, commissioned the survey that queried 2,000 Americans. The results show that among the top 20 retirement cities, Dallas was No. 11, with Austin and Houston trailing a little behind at No. 13 and No. 14 respectively.

About half of the top 20 most desirable relocation destinations for retirees are warm-weather cities. All three Lone Star State cities that made the list fall into this category. As Provision Living pointed out, warm and sunny locations attract retired people who want to spend time outdoors in any season.

As MarketWatch noted in an article from 2013, Dallas, Austin, and Houston have more than just a pleasing climate to attract retirees. Texas enjoys a relatively low cost of living and imposes no income tax on its residents. Plus, the three cities have unemployment rates below the national average, as well as strong housing markets.

The results of surveys such as this one are often included in promotional materials sent to print shops, so that cities can use them to entice developers.

The top three cities for retirees to relocate to are Miami, San Diego and Denver, in that order.