Allentown teachers receive education grants

January 1, 2019 by  

The Allentown School District Foundation has given grants to 20 teachers in local schools for innovative education programs. The total amount of the grants awarded is over $20,000.

The grant is part of the Teacher Innovation program founded in 2010. It awards teaches money for programs in art, science, technology, music, history, literacy, physical education, and gardening. Allentown has print shops that make corporate gifts for fundraising for organizations like this.

Allen High School received three grants to go towards two classes in human-powered hydroponics and one on hands-on history. The grants totaled $3,106.

Dieruff High School received three grants for program that explore careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), poetry, and visual research journals. The total of these grants was $3,600.

Raub Middle School received two grants for its century choir classroom and music recording studio, totaling $1,475. Trexler Middle School received three grants for the war study class, century choir, and ukulele-playing classes, coming in at $2,454 altogether.

Dodd Elementary School received two grants for independent future study and STEM gardening, worth a total of $2,300.

Leigh Park Elementary School received $1,000 for outdoor STEM science classroom, while McKinley and Union Terrace Elementary school claimed $650 for the Self-Reflection dinner party program.

Other schools that received grants were Ramos Elementary for the study of birds, Muhlenberg Elementary for STEM stations, Ritter Elementary School for the study of plants, and Union Terrace for the creating a student agency.

Since 2010, over $118,000 has been awarded to 123 teachers from the Allentown School District Foundation.