California wine to take center stage

December 29, 2018 by  

An Oakland area event will give producers and aficionados an opportunity to come together in a celebration of a popular local wine, and an assortment of activities have been planned.

Zinfandel, which is grown in nearly 10% of California vineyards, is produced from a white grape variety that has a black skin. It comes in both red and white, and can have a dry or sweet character. Whether they are well versed in Zinfandel or are new to this wine, the expo will offer activities for everyone.

The three-day event will open with a dinner to welcome all the delegates, special guests, and others to the affair, and this is just the beginning of the experience that will be on offer.

The second day of ZinEX will see Flights! , and there will be another evening function that has been dubbed ‘Grape Gatspy Winemakers Dinner and Auction’. This will serve as both a tasting event and fundraiser.

The third and final day of this annual event will be reserved for the Grand Tasting, which will give ticket holders a chance to sample many different types of Zinfandel. They can compare them and discover which ones they like best, and customized tasting glasses and other promotional products can make an occasion like this an even more memorable experience.

This year’s ZinEX events will be held at various locations in and around San Francisco. It will run from January 17 to 19.