Whaling Museum welcomes visitors for New Year

December 26, 2018 by  

The Whaling Museum is offering special admission the first Wednesday of the month, and it will start on the first Wednesday of 2019.

The Whaling Museum is a small museum in Long Island that deals primarily with the history of whaling, especially in the Long Island area. There are a couple of permanent exhibits that show the local history and there are also hands-on portions of the exhibits. There is a new special exhibit titled Heroines at the Helm. This exhibit focuses primarily on the experience of the wives of these whalers.

Welcome Wednesday will allow new guests in particular a chance to experience this museum at a discounted rate. Guests will still be able to explore the entire exhibit area, including the special exhibit.

Parking is normally available on the street without meters; the museum is located in a residential zone and does not have its own private parking lot. There is also a free town lot, about a five-minute walk away from the museum. This museum is located a few miles from Smithtown, not more than a 30-minute drive.
Museums and other buildings that hold events like this will often use banner printing services to promote seasonal events or openings. This event is currently scheduled for January 2, from noon to 4 pm.